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Before VouchedFor, we didn't know where to send friends and family who were looking for Financial Advice

As professionals working in the Financial Services industry, friends and family would often come to us and ask who they should speak to about their finances. The problem was, we wanted the very best advice for our friends and family, yet didn't know any firm that we were 100% confident would meet this standard.

Most of the large Banks and Private Banks we knew were "tied" to specific product providers, and rewarded their advisers based more on revenue than quality of advice. Moreover, the advisers varied significantly in their quality - how would we make sure our friends got one of the better ones?

We knew a good IFA would present the best option - one who was whole-of-market, fee-based, well-qualified and came highly recommended by their clients. More importantly, we knew it was important to find an IFA who had experience advising clients with similar needs and circumstances to your own.

Unfortunately, no existing websites or businesses told you how well recommended the IFA was or what really made them an ideal match for you. What we thought was needed was a site where you - the client - could describe in detail the service your IFA has given you, for the benefit of others.