VouchedFor is a client review site for independent financial advisers, mortgage advisers, solicitors and accountants.

As professionals working in the Financial Services industry we wanted to make sure that our friends and family received the very best advice.

Unfortunately, no existing websites or businesses told you how well recommended the adviser was or what really made them an ideal match for you. What we thought was needed was a site where you - the client - could describe in detail the service your financial adviser has given you, for the benefit of others.

Today there are over 20,000 client reviews on VouchedFor and more than 5,000 professionals. The site has expanded to include mortgage advisers and solicitors and we are currently in the ‘beta’ phase of our accountants service. Our goal is to be the best place on the web to find a trustworthy, well recommended professional adviser no matter what your circumstances.

About Our Advisers
To ensure that consumers receive the best possible advice, we only feature professionals on VouchedFor who meet certain criteria. First, we check that all of our advisers are authorised by the relevant regulatory body. Financial advisers are checked regularly against the Financial Conduct Authority Register, and solicitors are checked against the Solicitors Regulation Authority database. The accountants on VouchedFor must be a qualified member of one of the Chartered Accountancy bodies in the UK (ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA, ICAS or ICAI).

In addition, our financial advisers must be independent or ‘whole of market’ and so are not tied to a particular product or provider. This means they are able to consider and recommend all types of investment products that could meet a consumer's needs and objectives.