VouchedFor IFAs larger than life!

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We recently ran our first national advertising campaign which features 17 Independent Financial Advisers from around the UK. The campaign calls on people to seek independent financial advice and couldn’t be more timely. VouchedFor has seen a 15% increase in

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How to choose the right IFA

Choosing a Financial Advisor

No two Financial Advisors are the same, nor are any two clients. Below is a list of questions to consider in seeking the perfect advisor for you. How well qualified is the advisor? (see below) Which services do they provide?

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Top Rated Advisers in National Press

This weekend we’re announcing our Top Rated advisers in the UK in a series of three national press advertisements. The adverts, which will run in the Saturday Times, Independent and Mail on Sunday, will promote 143 of the Top Rated

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Four steps to appointing the right IFA

What do IFAs do

If you haven’t worked with a financial advisor before, it can be difficult to know what to expect. We’ve broken the appointment process down in to four initial steps – an Introductory Meeting, a Fact Find, Analysis & Recommendation, and

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What is an IFA? Do I need one?

What is an IFA

What is an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)? Broadly speaking there are two types of financial advisors, Independent and Restricted.  A common misconception is that ‘Independence’ in this context means that IFAs work alone, however it actually refers to the fact

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VouchedFor Firm Award Winners Announced

AND THE WINNERS ARE… If you’re familiar with VouchedFor you’ll know that our mission is to make financial advice great.  Today we’re recognising some of the IFA Firms in the UK who are making that possible in our first ever

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Five Long Term Care Tips

Finding out that a family member or close friend needs long-term care is a difficult time emotionally.  It also has lots of complex practical and financial implications.  David Finan an Independent Financial Adviser from Jardine Finan in Carlisle, has put together a list

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Financial Advice and DIY Investing – The Perfect Mix and Match

Financial advice has been going through change, more evolution than revolution, but change nonetheless. 20 years ago it was almost impossible to invest in a pension or buy life insurance without taking financial advice. Today 85% of people choose to

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VouchedFor Top 200 IFAs hitting the headlines

Earlier this month we announced our Top 200 Rated Independent Financial Advisers – i.e. those who have received the highest number of positive reviews in the past six months. Their achievement was then recognised in The Times. The Top 200

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VouchedFor Top 200 IFAs

Back in April we made our first announcement in The Times to congratulate the first 50 advisers who had received 10+ reviews on VouchedFor. Today, we are delighted to announce the 200 IFAs who have received the most reviews since then.

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